Finally catching up on the final table play...curious on peoples thoughts on Koroknai's exit...the 5 bet ship of 80BBs with KQos into Merson who snapped it off (for all but 2million/4BBs of his stack) with AK.

Blow up by Koroknai?
Loose call by Merson?

Initially I thought it was a pretty ugly move, but looking back at how inactive Andras was, his image was super fucking tight, and I actually think that Merson calling that size bet with only AK, for more or less his whole stack is pretty fucking ugly...he must have had some solid read on Andras as what else could you possible be thinking you're ahead of? It repped such a monster hand, so what, you're hoping it's only JJ or QQ and it's a flip? You put him squarely on AK and think it's a chop? Either of those thought processes aren't exactly attractive to call your whole stack off with.

Wonder what it was that let Merson know he was so dominatingly ahead to snap it off so quickly? To me, the flow of play and Andras's image screamed that AKos was crushed
Pete Gordon - Deep and Low

Slower tempo but still with balls, deephouse, slow-mo, futurehouse, nudeep, indie, nudisco, hints of progressive, whatever the fuck you want to call it, just good shit! Get on it