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Dont like the 66 call...especially that close o the money..especially as shover was UTG. 99+ ATs+, Ajo+ seems about right. Antes?

If shover was SB that 66 is bottom of value range. Unlucky either way adn congrats on the deep run

Hadn't seen this, totally agreed...one thing to shove 15bbs with 66, but calling is super weak completely praying for them to be holding two overs and it's a flip...this call and out next hand means you had at least 20bbs, right? Why call off so much of your stack with 66 from an UTG shove there? Terribad, did you really think A5 or lower was a possible part of his range?

Unlucky the flip didn't hold, would have put you in a great spot, but still don't think it was a good call
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