Stereosonic @ Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne (01/12/2012)
Great review. I also wish there were more people there for Voorn - he played a great set but it was pretty hot and bright in that shed at that time - and zero atmosphere. The sound quality was excellent - usually when trance is in there its tinny and bouncy. I think techno is much better suited to the dark shed where the Bass stage was this year.

Melbourne and Adelaide Stereosonics are on the same day because there is no public holiday after either weekend to hold Adelaides event on, like there is with FMF and Parklife. It's not economical to have the artists hang around another week to have Adelaides on a third weekend so they squeeze it in the same day as another states (Melbournes). While it's not ideal for Melbourne set times Im sure the Adelaide peeps would rather have dodgy set times than no Stereo at all. Melbourne will always be a bigger market so will ALWAYS have first choice when it comes to the set times (the headliner - Tiesto, AVB, Deadmau5 etc) will always play the closing set in Melbourne not Adelaide). If you think the set times are bad in Melbourne they are much worse in Adelaide (headliners on at 1pm etc).

The set times have become a lot better now that they're using private jets to fly the bigger names around - I'll never forget John Course into Infected Mushroom into Kaz James at Stereo Melbourne a few years ago!!